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About Bugari

Bugari accordion

In 1863, the accordion industry began in Castellfidardo, a small town in northern Italy. Soon Enrico Bugari, who played the accordion himself, founded his own accordion workshop. This is also where his first accordions were built. The instruments quickly convinced and soon he was selling his accordions all over the world. Bugari builds standard bass, bayan and convertor accordions. Many international artists have appreciated the brand for many years.
Through advanced technology, excellent sound and respect for tradition, Enrico’s motto has been successful: “Quality prevails”. Today, almost forty employees work in the company. The head of production, Gianluca Gobbetti, is always bringing new models and further developments to the company, thus securing its future.
Satisfying customers and offering a comprehensive service. This is what Roberto Ottovianelli always said. Roberto was a cousin of Armando Bugari, who died last year. Armando ran the company after Enrico and had an accident in the 80s and was in a wheelchair afterwards. He could hardly move, but was still taken to the company every day to watch the production. Now Roberto has gone into well-deserved retirement in 2020. Since 2020 in July, Paolo Picchio is the new managing director. Paolo is a musicologist and has known the accordion since his youth. He knows the trends and has been the organiser of numerous international accordion competitions. Bugari has made a name for himself in various musical styles. This continues with the new Managing Director Paolo.

Individual sections of the Bugari production

Bugari videos from the production in Castelfidardo

Bugari has put together the individual production processes for you in these videos. The first video is about the production of Bayan instruments. The second video tells you about Italy and Castellfidardo, the town of accordion making. This branch of industry is still unique in the world in Castelfidardo. Afterwards we go to Bugari in the company. Enjoy the film!

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