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We know all about the accordion

In 2012, we took over the distribution of the Italian manufacturer Bugari Armando. In our rooms we have a large exhibition of the different models of the manufacturer. You are welcome to play different models and get an impression of the sound and quality. Bugari builds Standard Bass, Convertor and Bayan accordions with passion.

If your accordion needs a tuning or revision, our workshop is at your disposal. We will look at the accordion with you and give you a cost estimate. Of course we will explain to you why and at what intervals an overhaul is necessary. You are also welcome to come by with your used accordion and have it checked by us free of charge.

What to look for when buying an accordion

I have experienced a lot in the 30 years with the instrument and the whole accordion scene. I have always advocated fairness in prices and a good condition of the instruments. But what should you look for when buying a used accordion. Customers cannot always judge whether the used accordion is in good condition or not. They have to rely on the seller’s statement. Tip : If you already know accordion players, ask them about their experiences. Get an idea and look at the seller’s environment. Often you can tell a lot from this. Of course, your gut feeling is also important. You really have to be careful on the well-known platforms and when buying accordions privately. If you have found a used accordion somewhere, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to look at it for you. Don’t buy it before an expert has seen the instrument!  He can give you an overview of the instrument.  I have experienced many such cases and the awakening was usually painful. Most of the time these are private purchases as seen and there is usually nothing you can do.

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