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Accordion repair

Bugari Accordion Service Point

One of the most important components to consider when buying an accordion is service. An accordion workshop that will assist you with any problems or maintenance work.
All repairs are carried out with high quality tools. The original Bugari spare parts we use are an important part of our work.

Small or large accordion repairs

In our accordion workshop, we carry out repairs on hand-pulled instruments from the Bugari company. This includes, for example, tuning in the treble and bass. General overhauls or restorations of old accordions. Chin register retrofitting and special conversions are just a few of the tasks we tackle with pleasure.
Of course, we also welcome foreign accordion brands. Due to our many years of experience with hand-pulled instruments, we have many customers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries.
We usually carry out minor repairs immediately, such as retuning tones or replacing valves. Mechanical work on the keyboard and bass action is often not so bad and is therefore done immediately.
There are no long waiting times and the accordion player can take his instrument home again immediately. We are an official HDS installation workshop when it comes to microphoning accordions and orchestral basses.
Contact us if you have any problems with your accordion. We will be happy to help you.

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