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Button Convertor Nemo II


5.300,00 EUR

Butto Convertor Nemo II

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Bugari Nemo II

The second member of the Nemo family. To open up the world of the Convertor accordion to children from the age of 6. That was Bugari's idea. Small, compact, light and with a high-quality mechanism. The children should have fun while playing. Bugari has succeeded in this with the Nemo. The treble has 2 choirs with 3 stops and already has 5 rows. In the bass, 3 choirs are used with 72 basses.


  • 40 tones
  • 2 chorus in the treble
  • 3 registers
  • 72 basses
  • Convertor
  • Gigbag, Strap


Product description:

Model: Nemo II

Farbe: schwarz

Stimmplattenqualität: Dural

Reihen: 5

Anzahl Knöpfe: 67

Gattung: chromatisch

Tiefster Ton: E

Höchster Ton: G

Chöre: 2

Fußlagen: 16′, 8′

Bässe: 72

Chöre im Bass: 3

M3 Tonumfang: fis – f

Breite xTiefe x Höhe: 32,5 x 19,5 x 36,5

Gewicht: 7,4

Trageriemen: Leder

Koffer: Gig-bag


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