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Essenzia 508 Black matt


15.400,00 EUR

Button Accordion Essenzia Line 508 Black matt

Lieferzeit: 4-5 month


Bugari Knopf Essenzia 508

With the new product line Essenzia, Bugari has managed to produce models in a compact and lightweight design, without sacrificing the typical Bugari sound and quality.Innovative construction techniques and the combination of different types of wood, create a powerful and harmonious sound.On the bass side, weight could be saved, which gives the player a whole new bellows feeling.Only the finest materials have Bugari used in the 508 Essenzia. 87 buttons, 4 - chorus in the treble. 120 basses, 5 choruses in the bass and that with 10.3 kg for a Cassotto accordion.


  • Cassotto 16′,8′
  • 46 sounding notes
  • 4 chorus
  • 13 treble registers
  • 120 basses
  • 5 choruses in the bass
  • 7 registers
  • Case, straps


Product description:

Model: 508 Silver

Farbe: schwarz matt

Stimmplattenqualität: A-mano

Reihen: 5

Anzahl Knöpfe: 87

Anzahl Töne: 46

Gattung: chromatisch

Tiefster Ton: E

Höchster Ton: Cis

Chöre: 4

Anzahl Chöre im Cassotto: 2

Anzahl Register: 13

Master: ja

Bässe: 120

Basschöre: 5

Anzahl Bassregister: 7

Breite x Tiefe x Höhe: 45 x 19,5 x 40,5

Gewicht: 10,3 kg

Trageriemen: Leder/Samt

Koffer: incl. Koffer mit Räder


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